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Bulletproof products - Armour Plate

Armour Plate

Catalogue No. :MB-HP003

At times, when threat levels change from handguns to heavier types of ammunition such as rifle bullets and armour piercing ammunition or even stabs, ballistic jackets and vests need to be up armoured with suitable lightweight protection to provide optimum protection.


Design Features

◆Material:Cramic, AL2O3, Steel, etc

◆Protection level:NIJ level III, level IV

◆Ergonomically curved to provide maximum ergonomics for better comfort

◆Easy to put into body armour and uninstall

◆Interchangeable from front to back

◆Provide ballistic protection after exposure to:
 - Hot or cold temperatures
 - Diesel fuel, water and oil
     - Severe vibration
  - Direct flame
◆Weight: 2.45kg

◆Size: 250×300mm